Case 57 Mesial Buccal Root Amputation

Pre Op # 14

Fractured mesial buccal root. Patient had option to extract with implant or mesial buccal root amputation.

Final Film #14

Mesial buccal root removed. Solid bone around distal buccal and palatal roots.

Post Op 7 Months #14

Healing has occurred with bone fill in in the area of the mesial buccal root. Probing is within normal limits.

Post Op 13 Months #14

13 Months with crown. Pt extremely happy. No periodontal problems.

Comment: Some patients just do not want teeth removed. If within reason there are alternative treatments for fractured teeth, for instance, if a fractured root can be removed with no undue periodontal problems and the patient understands the home care situation, then amputation is a viable option. The patient must understand that a new crown has to be placed.