Case 44 Incomplete root canal under crown

Pre-operative x-ray #19

A root canal had been attempted some time in the past, evidenced of some type of material in pulp chamber. It seems the canals were not located or negotiated. The patient was unaware of any attempt of a root canal on that tooth. The crown did not have an access opening through it.  Therefore, the crown was placed after root canal was attempted.  Patient was not aware of dates of treatment for this tooth.

Immediate post – operative x-ray #19

As you can surmise from the x-ray, I had an extremely difficult time locating the canal system.

1 year post-operative x-ray #19

Patient is asymptomatic with apical lesions continuing to heal.

I would not recommend putting full coverage on a tooth where root canal treatment was not completed, regardless if the tooth is asymptotic at the time. At the very least a consultation is necessary.
Please note: A pulpotomy was done on tooth #18, but patient did not want to pursue treatment at this time because it was asymptomatic. Patient was informed, if this tooth was to have full coverage, a root canal would have to be performed first.