Case 39 Lateral canals found in the funniest places

Pre-operative x-ray #6

Large apical lesion on the mesial aspect of #6. Buccal tissue is swollen and patient is asymptomatic.

Immediate post-operative x-ray #6

Obturation completed. Note lateral canal on the mesial aspect of the tooth. 

6 mo. post-operative x-ray #6

Patient is asymptomatic and lesion is practically gone. Please note bifurcation at apex also. 

10 mo. post-operative x-ray #6

Lateral lesion has practically healed completely.

Comments:  Lateral canals are often the reason that periapical lesions are present or teeth have continual problems after root canal therapy.  In many cases, they are not seen until after the work is completed. If a lesion remains after a root canal has been done and does not heal, many times unfilled lateral canals are the cause.