Case 32 - More examples of long canal systems

Patient 1 Post-operative x-ray #19
Patient 1 pre-operative x-ray #19

Patient 2 post-operative x-ray #18

Patient 2 pre-operative x-ray #18

Patient 3 post-operative x-ray #31

Patient 3 pre-operative x-ray #31

Patient 4 post-operative x-ray #3

Patient 4 pre-operative x-ray 3

Long canals measured over 25 mm pose not only obturation problems, but cleaning problems as well. Recapitulation is mandatory.  I use not only hand instrumentation, but use rotary instruments back and forth to ensure I clean to the apical stop.  Filling vertically can be very difficult and the master cone should fit within 1-2 mm of the apical stop. Vertical condensation will drive the cone to the end of the canal.