Case 27 Age 101 and counting

Pre-operative x-ray #12,13

I performed root canal on #12 when the
patient was a young man in his early 90's.

Patient presented with symptomatic tooth # 13
 with no radio-graphic visible canal spaces.

Post-operative x-ray #13

It would seem to me that I am treating more and more older (65+) patients who present not only with health problems, but with very small sclerosed canal systems.  My best advice is if you are contemplating doing a root canal on a senior citizen or anyone where canal spaces are not clearly visible on an x-ray, I would suggest not attempting at all. Experience has taught me that at one time each tooth has a canal(s) and it takes less time each time I work on these kind of teeth because I have a little better idea of where the canal orifices should be.