Case 14 - Reimplantation as option to orthograde/surgical treatment tooth #18

Post-operative x-ray #18

Pre-operative x-ray #18

Five year follow up x-ray #18

Comment: Patient was very symptomatic and the root canal had been done some years previous. The anatomy was such that a surgical approach was not optimal due to a very broad buccal plate. The patient had TMJ problems which made an orthograde treatment difficult at best with a poor prognosis. My first thought was the possibility of a fracture, though there were no periodontal problems.  The time involved in removing a tooth, placing retrofills and re-implantation is about 5 minutes.  At the five year follow up the patient was asymptomatic and the tooth was firm with no periodontal problems.  The radiolucency at the apex was completely healed. The PDL space seems to have regenerated.