Case 8 Consequences of an Un-restored Tooth–Fracture

Pre-op film

Root canal required for tooth number 14.  Tooth was symptomatic to occlusal pressure and was necrotic.

Immediate post op film

Root canal was completed.  Patient was advised to have full coverage as soon as possible.

5 month post treatment x-ray

Patient was symptomatic to pressure and a periodontal defect was developing along the mesial buccal root. 

Photo showing fracture

Fracture noted, tooth non-restorable.

Comment: If at all possible most teeth will require full coverage after root canal therapy. Our office lets the patients know that they should get back to their dentist as soon as possible for a crown. However, if for whatever reason, this is not done in a timely manner, fractures can and do occur, making the tooth non-restorable.  Patients need to be informed when they are referred for root canal therapy that the tooth needs to be restored as soon as possible. The consequences need to be discussed i.e. fractures.