Case 7 Orthograde Vs. Apicoectomy

Pre op #10

Dentist attempted to locate the canal, could not.  Advised patient a possible  apicoectomy may be necessary.

File film #10 polarized view

Using ultrasonics I located the canal and  cleaned.  A polarized view will sometimes more clearly define the end of the file to the apex of  the tooth.

Immediate post op #10 polarized view

Again, this polarized view clearly  demonstrates the relationship of the root  canal filling to the apex of the tooth.  Please note: lateral incisors typically have a curve in  the apical end of the root.

Comments: Even though canals cannot be  initially negotiated, they are always there to  some degree. It is just a matter of finding  them.  Granted, some canals are not  negotiable, and surgery may be necessary. Generally surgery is not the first choice in root  canal therapy.