Introduction & Evaluation

When a child needs a root canal, they need a little extra attention. Sometimes a child will be able to get comfortable after meeting the staff – we have teddy bears that give them something else to focus on. We discuss with the child and the parent (or guardian) what root canal treatment is and answer their questions. If, after this, they are still scared or nervous it is obvious continuing without some form of sedation will only make matters worse.

The Sedation Process

We find it beneficial for younger children to come into the office about an hour before their scheduled appointment when we will administer a liquid oral sedative. This time is spent in the treatment chair in a relaxed position, allowing the sedative to have the desired effect. The treatment goes smoothly, and quickly, the parents feel better, and the child feels better.  

Older children, usually above 12 years, will sometimes respond better to Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation). After spending some time talking to the parents and child about their expectations and needs, it is usually obvious which will work better.

A Proven History

Sedation is a valuable tool we’ve used since 1971. Treatment can be completed with a positive experience for everyone. Sometimes sedation even helps the child overcome his/her fears of dental treatment. There have been children who needed extensive endodontic treatment, who, by the end of the 3rd treatment, no longer needed sedation because they knew everything was going to be all right.

Have questions about your child's need for root canal treatment? Call (503) 654-3456 and we will be happy to discuss your options over the phone before you come in.